Spain and European Union Law

Search Websites in Legislation and Documentation of interest of the European Community and Spain

Includes some links of interest for legislative research and initiatives of interest in the core of the European Community, as well in Spain.

European Union

EUR-LEX. Access to European Union Law:
EUR-Lex database is updated daily and provides free access to European Union law and other relevant documents. The contents of the site amount to some 2815000 documents with texts dating back to 1951. Available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, among other languages. It includes a bulletin with news.

Legislative Observatory. European Parliament:
The European Parliament's database for monitoring the EU decision making process. It also includes calendar of deadlines and forecasting procedures discussed. Available in English and French.

Official Journal of the European Union:
This Website contains the official source of the European Community Law: the Official Journal of the European Union. The Official Journal is published in two separate series 'L' (Legislation) and 'C' (Information and Notices). There is also a supplementary 'S' series which contains invitations to documents relating to the EU Procurement Directives.  Official Journals are available in the official languages (including English, French, Portuguese and Spanish).


Congress of Deputies Website:
Including in the official website of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, it is dedicated to the searching of initiatives being processed or approved in the Lower House. It also includes direct links to publications and advanced search engine. Documents available in Spanish.

Senate Website:
The database website contains initiatives and draft laws discussed in the Senate. The website provides direct links to publications and advanced search engine. Documentation available in Spanish.

Official State Bulletin Website:
Website developed by the Government of Spain which compiles the official source dedicated to the publication of laws, regulations and obligatory acts of the Spanish State. The search can be done by subjects, voices, publishing date or number of the Official State Bulletin. Information is available in Spanish.

Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality:
Included in the official website of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of the Government of Spain, it shows information about Health regulation and legislation in process. Available in Spanish.


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